Exciting developments at the Quest Group!

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Exciting developments at the Quest Group!

Quest Global Research Group Inc (“QGR”), trusted leaders in the market research space who created the Quest Mindshare and SampleGurus brands, have successfully traversed the ebb and flow of the Market Research industry through careful positioning and consistency in their service offering. In their 19 years of experience, the need to evolve as a company has been prioritized, not only for the sake of longevity as a business, but to cater to clients’ growing needs. In listening to the market, one thing is clear: there is tremendous groundswell to provide the internal tech and tools to the broader marketplace in order to combat the industry-wide challenge of fraud, and to simplify the fielding processes across the board.

As a company, they have consistently invested in the changes and innovations necessary to allow increased efficiencies and to deliver on their promise to provide quality sample. In that vein, they have long recognized the need for product offerings that are tailored to increasing data quality, project efficiency and ease of workflow. Therefore, QGR has meticulously curated the dedicated talent to develop intuitive and purpose-built products that address the challenges facing the industry at large. Strategic talent acquisition has been a core component in the evolution of QGR, which drives the efforts to bring disruptive technology into this space. The recently assembled team of market research veterans and experienced technical leaders from outside the field are poised to deliver ground-breaking and relevant research solutions.

Innovative Research Technologies – A new Quest Global Research Group company

In light of this, we are excited to welcome Innovative Research Technologies Inc (“IRT”) as the newest addition to the QGR group of companies. IRT is a technology company dedicated solely to SaaS product development and delivery, and will function independently from all other QGR companies. As CEO, Greg Matheson will apply his vision and experience as a founder of Quest Mindshare – which has served to rapidly grow that business into a strong and reputable contender in the market research space through uncertain economic times – to IRT as it continues to solve the most difficult problems in the industry today.  As Chief Technology Officer, Ben Coats will lead the company’s product development. The value Ben adds to IRT is significant. He is a seasoned technology veteran with a 20-plus year history of developing best-in-class solutions, and building and scaling technology teams and start-ups across a number of industries. He brings with him a global, remote-first team of talented engineers, purpose-built for industry-leading innovation and product delivery; as well as engineering and product leadership with equally impressive track records of successful product development.

Together, Greg, Ben, and the rest of the IRT team will carve a new path for QGR, expanding into this new arena aggressively and supporting the group’s overall goal of solving the most difficult of industry challenges.

For more information about IRT, email Greg (gmatheson@res.tech) or Ben (bcoats@res.tech)

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Exciting developments at the Quest Group!