Your research is only as good as your team. Leverage Quest’s experienced and industry trained teams for the intelligence you need to deliver faster, more informed insights.

Project Management

Any data collection provider can sample your study. We believe that technology powered, human-led support is the only way to ensure your target respondents receive and complete your studies for truly authentic, quality data.

The Quest Operations team is comprised of over 65 Project Managers that are trained to locate deep sector-specific intelligence for high level business research or provide detailed, on-going support for consumer brand tracking work. Truly at the core of Quest’s strengths, the dedicated team assigned to your study is chosen based on their expertise and your specific requirements.

Amita Nayyar

Senior Project Manager

James Munden

Senior Operations Manager, Team Lead

Kristiana Fridrich

Project Manager

Programming/ Hosting

Work with an industry trained Programming team that truly delivers a quality product, every single research study.

Quest’s advanced and experienced programming team uses Decipher technology to code a seamless B2B and B2C ad-hoc or tracking study. We guarantee an interactive and engaging custom build that is designed to complement the preferences and tastes of you, our client. As a core competency, Quest’s programming services are second to none.

Your timelines are important – and they will be met. The experience of our programmers means that we can accurately estimate the time that is needed to complete the programming on your specific survey. Our industry-renowned Project Management team works closely to align expectations and tackle issues as they arise. With the fastest turnaround time in the industry devoid of compromises on backend coding, logic, data quality or respondent experience, Quest’s enhanced programming capabilities give your studies longer field time with more opportunities for a better sample.

Survey Programming Techniques

  • A range of easy to complex survey logic sequences
  • Standard question skips, rotations and/or branching patterns
  • Text piping
  • Rotational attribute or random attribute appearance
  • Random block rotations of question/concept groups, etc. 
  • Hidden skip logic, variable piping, etc. 
  • Random or systematic rotation 
  •  Single-response and multi-response controls 
  •  Numerical and mathematical checks, piping

Quality Controls

  • Error trapping and forced answering 
  • Digital Fingerprinting 
  • IP Checks 
  • Straight lining Prevention 
  • Human Review 
  • Prevent backing up/skipping 
  • Captcha 


  • Conjoint Analysis
  • MaxDiff Analysis
  • Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards 
  • Complex Data Tabulation & Open End Coding
  • Multi-Lingual Surveys & Translation
  • Interactive Media Capabilities
  • Secure Streaming Video with Player Controls
  • Image Protection 
  • Embedding External Content 
  • Animations 
  • API Integration 
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile Surveys


With the most extensive and flexible group of panel assets in market research, Quest will exceed your panel quality expectations.

Quest’s established panels exist to support researchers for faster and better data collection. Every sample collected is made of highly motivated and engaged individuals ready and willing to share their insights, expertise, and opinions. Quest’s opted-in network is validated and pre-qualified participants that are rewarded for their time.

Quest focuses on recruiting a range of diverse individuals and uses advanced engagement techniques to dig deep into each profile. We cover a range of individuals. Everything from niche groups like patient-specific or unique product users to wide-ranging, major media market segments, are available.


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