Creating a Better B2B Survey: Business Professionals Speak

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Creating a Better B2B Survey: Business Professionals Speak

Original research-on-research by Quest with targeted B2B audiences

Quest presented on this topic at the Quirk’s Dallas conference in February 2024 – the findings of a survey we conducted with hundreds of business professionals regarding their B2B survey experience.

The main questions we had:

  • What would motivate B2B survey respondents to engage more frequently, willingly and authentically in future surveys?
  • Given the small populations available for specific B2B research and the difficulty in gaining their cooperation, what do they need and want to increase their participation?

Finding no concrete answers from previous published research, we built out our investigation!

Several results were focused and clear for improvements pointed out by our respondents, a few of them surprising.  Some deserve a deeper dive to explore further – look for follow-ups by Quest for this foundational research in the near future.


Feel free to reach out to Scott at to discuss more about our work in researching B2B best practices and how you can use our results to advise your stakeholders and clients.

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