Unmasking the Shadows: Part 1

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Unmasking the Shadows: Part 1

How ChatGPT is being exploited to hijack online surveys


Quest and our sister company iResTech presented at the Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago in November 2023.  Our focus was on a subject of concern to researchers of all kinds – AI being used to create survey fraud.  Specifically, we looked at ChatGPT, and how “bad actors” are using it to fraudulently pass screening questions and answer open ends in online surveys.

While so many AI presentations and articles talk about how developing tools and systems may be used beneficially for data analysis and other positive applications, Quest looked much earlier in the research cycle where fraud is happening and datasets are being compromised.

Our presentation is in two parts – this video includes:

Part One which identifies the problem, talking about who these “bad actors” are, what specific actions they’re taking, and how to identify questionable data which may have been subject to fraud.

Please also look out for Part Two of this series for the financial impact of this fraud, and actions researchers can take to fight back.



Feel free to reach out to Scott at sworthge@questmidshare.com to discuss more about the developments in survey fraud and how your business can benefit from staying ahead of this evolving challenge.

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Unmasking the Shadows: Part 1