A Brooklyn Quirk's Recap

with Chris Loreno


So, what do you do after a great Show? Write about it, of course!

We always have a great time at the Quirk’s events. You get a chance to meet your industry peers and a whole lot of new faces. It’s why we make the big trek out to London in February and later attend Brooklyn and Chicago in the months after. We are fans, and for good reason – at Quirk’s you get great content, affordable pricing and a strong ROI.

That is what I heard before I attended my first ‘industry’ Show. The rumors were right. Quirk’s Brooklyn was a conference full of energy – Researchers from every side of Qual and Quant, current clients swinging by our Booth to say hello, unfamiliar faces we can now put names to, and in general, a lot of new folks we’re glad to have met.

I experienced two action packed days that were crammed with detailed conversations at our Booth and interesting topics presented by a myriad of passionate Researchers and Vendors. Here’s a quick recap from a first time, supplier side attendee.


On the conference as a whole:

There really isn’t a better opportunity than having a good, in depth face to face with a client. I really love the chance to meet people in person when so much correspondence is virtual. You get the privilege of genuine, real time feedback about your work and in conference settings particularly, have a chance to meet with them in a light, fun environment. I make it a point to learn more about who they are as people and what influences their work or what causes they are passionate about. Quirk’s personnel move attendees well through the exhibit hall, keeping everyone on their toes when it comes to attending sessions and sponsored networking opportunities. The KLIK badge is something unique to Quirks, available to all attendees for networking purposes. It’s proven mutually beneficial for us and our leads/clients! On a whole, this conference is top-notch and we highly recommend attending 1 if not all 3 of the Shows.

On the Booth Experience:

The Quest Mindshare booth, since I have now seen first hand, is a happening spot. With our big bright back lit display and our sell-out piggies and prizes, we try to maximize our experiences and interactions with attendees that we have known a long time, as well as totally new faces that might be new to the Quirk’s experience. What I enjoyed most about our presence was the ability of making connections in an open and welcoming atmosphere. We like to have fun! And we truly like to engage people from all walks and research paths, regardless if they’re buyers of online sample. That’s because we’re enthusiastic about all Research possibilities and the direction the industry is going. We learn a lot from the people that visit our booth and hope that they take something away as well.

On trending topics and sessions:

During the show, I realized just how big the interest in AI is. Technological enhancements to our industry and specifically, the use of AI when it comes to consumer insights and the validation of data and reporting, is hot. People want to discuss it, want to understand it and want to use takeaways from the show to project what it will mean for businesses. It was especially interesting to discuss how technology has enabled us to reach segments of the market that were previously inaccessible (and understand where our security system, Quest DETECT, fits in that equation).

Listening to Antje Sardo (Senior Research Analyst) from GutCheck, was enlightening. She spoke on data collection and research in the food and beverage industry, especially in the consumer realm and what that was like from a researcher’s standpoint. She was very clear on how generational divisions differ in terms of what they view as important in food and beverage label reading. Polling what “better-for-you” key words are more important to certain generations (ie. Baby Boomers vs. Millennials) are key to analysts especially, when deciding on marketing a certain product. You tend not to think too deeply into these differentiations, especially as a data collection expert whose main contribution is collecting data, but not really understanding why…

It was fascinating to see an analysts perspective on this. Overall very educational and eye opening!

I also thoroughly enjoyed the seminar conducted on “The need for greater transparency in client/vendor relationships” with Matt Ciciretti (MedSurvey) and Joel Schindler (MarketVision) that discussed a deeper management of sample provided and sample used in research studies.

This session discussed how to ‘avoid surprises’ based on expectations of the study and the capabilities of partner sample providers. Key takeaways from this seminar that I can bring home to better manage and influence our sample strategies is the notion that everyone wants a project to be successful and it’s in everyone’s interest to understand the process clearly.

This ensures that the Client understands our sampling strategy and opens the door for the best strategy that can match their expectations. Quest maintains a service first, quality sample approach to all studies. And with that, we understand the importance of managing expectations and work closely with the client to ensure we are all on the same page. The goal is always developing a relationship and building on a partnership. Transparency must go both ways and the questions that are asked of researchers to better aid the recruiting process should be answered honestly and realistically. The partnership must never be underscored.

Christopher Loreno manages relationships with new and existing clients with Quest.
He and his team ensure their Clients’ data collection needs are met, with a smooth data collection process at the core.
Chris knows that cultivating a strong working relationship means being human, and building lasting relationships with
the people that he works with. Being a high performing Account Manager for his entire career, Chris has dabbled in
multiple industries including Banking, Investments, Insurance and now Market Research.

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