Sample Quality for Peace of Mind: What you need to know about providers

by admin       January 28th 2020                    

2019 was an important year in Quest’s mission to address the industry wide problem of fraud. DETECT, Quest’s fraud battling machine, proved it’s advantages in the quality markers of tracking and ad hoc studies, particularly Quest’s high end business studies. Quest winded down 2019 with recording setting new project launches and client onboards (with around 30% of new business sprouting from international seeds). And then of course, massive growth in our technology development, additions to our business development and world wide project management support.

It’s obvious that our obsession with a quality-first approach has built us up as the reliable top-of-mind supplier. What wasn’t so obvious was that our focus and conscious decision to place quality at the cornerstone of our research and data collection process would take on a sort of domino effect. Making it a standard that, if rigorously adhered to, can truly be a driving force in affecting others to change – improving the quality of all sample that runs through all our systems. Quest takes that mission for quality sample seriously, supporting a vast number of industry events like SampleCon that bring sample providers together to discuss challenges and devise solutions for change. Quality assurance through technology simply cannot be ignored. It’s the recognition that we, as a trusted provider, must deliver on quality and be prepared to take our clients through a reliable data collection process.

Data integrity starts with quality sample, and sample providers play a vital role in ensuring that fraudulent behavior is eliminated – ideally before the start of a survey. Industry standards must be raised to address the new forms of criminal cyber activity as they challenge the authenticity of results. And what conclusions could you draw if you had even a moment of doubt on authenticity?

Here are 5 things to concentrate on when evaluating partners for quality:

1. Your partner matters – really matters.

Trumping the list of most important differentiators when considering and selecting a supplier or a partner, is a known an excepted reputation. A reputation for quality will likely mean that your partner has invested time and money in technology that better organizes the data collection process so to minimize the risk of exposure to nefarious characters. Industry references are a great place to start.

2. The adage is true, for the most part – “you get what you pay for”.

This is simple but surprisingly ignored many times. Combine it with the old “if some thing is too good to be true, it probably is”. If you are paying $2.00 for a 30 minute survey, the odds of a real human actually taking that survey, never mind a qualified one, is slim. While we all can get pricing wrong and try to be aggressive where possible to win work, know that something somewhere is being compromised to make rock bottom pricing work. Often it’s quality. Be realistic with budgets and your data will be better.

3. A good partner will ask you questions – and answer all of yours.

A part of the data quality story rests with top-notch questionnaire design and intelligent logic sequences that are created to outsmart nefarious actors. It is your partners responsibility to comment on design, length, incidence rates and advise on sample strategies that best suit your goals where applicable – and your client’s goals too. Have you ever worked with someone that just said yes to everything you asked? True partners will communicate best practises with you.

4. Every partner has a speciality.

Specialities exist in the online sample space, even when providers have vast panel numbers and a global reach that can seemingly meet your target. When choosing your provider, it’s advisable to consider their specialty – whether that’s consumer, business, niche panel (such as healthcare) or otherwise. No provider can offer assistance in all aspects of online sample and if a specific recruitment solution is offered, ask for the source or affiliate network that is involved in that recruitment and measure it against a provider’s other strengths. Quest Sales and Sample specialists are educated and constantly refreshed on Quest assets and capability and understand what’s up our wheelhouse – and what isn’t. Specialities in online research extend beyond product and into type of technology or solution that can be best fit with a client’s need. Ask about specialties.

5. Evaluate the Technology to back up the claim.

Data quality often rests on the mantra of ‘taking matters into your own hands’. While some providers may choose to take a back seat in the collection process and simply engage in recruitment, a strong partner will be actively involved in determining security measures and understanding terminate statuses – relying on internal measured technology to identify those respondents. Quest actively works with Clients to assess and understand system terminates to better equip internal and external Project Management teams as they manage field activity. DETECT has been paramount in mapping individual respondent journeys, assessing digital fingerprinting and explaining intelligent response analyses for our clients. The advantageous result is quality data backed by measured technology. While many claim to have tools, ask to see them, have them demonstrated for you so that you can see for yourself how they work.


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